2016 GLBBQA Team of the Year Program


Each state needs a minimum of 10 teams signed up before 5/31/2016 or we will have to cancel the Team of the Program for that state. Currently, Michigan is the only state with over 10 teams. We need teams from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin to sign up.

The competition season will be starting up in the next few weeks so it is a perfect time to kick off the Team of the Year program!

The board of directors have made a couple of small changes to the program this year:

  • Instead of teams declaring which states they will be competing in for the ToY, each team after signing up will be automatically entered in to their home state based on residency.¬†Example: Team resides in Indianapolis, IN, so they will only be able to go after the Indiana ToY home state.
  • Last year the regional winner was decided on the top scoring team with the highest score from their home state. This year teams can compete in the whole GLBBQA region and get their top 4 to be used as the regional winner.¬†Example: Wisconsin team wins a contest in WI, 2 contests in IL, and a contest in MI so their total score towards the regional winner would be 80 points.

The point system will remain the same so at each KCBS sanctioned event in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin teams will get up to 20 points. GC = 20pts, RGC = 19pts, 3rd = 18pts, and 20th = 1pt.

Registration Information:

Send email to TOY@glbbqa.com with the name, address, and team name. Your name and address need to match your registration information.

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