President’s Corner – April 15′

President’s Corner – April 15′

We had a great productive board meeting last night. Timothy Schopp and Mark Rasmussen are finalizing the plans for the Beak to Beak 2015 event. I am sure they will be posting more about it and the location.

Bruce Bissonnette and Scott Fischer are working on the Spring Fling and need your entry form before the end of April. We need 10 teams to make it happen and currently sitting at 4.

Tim and I (Rich Parker) along with our ToY committee (Scottie Johnson, Ron Lewen, Paul Grant, Josh Hance, Ryan Horace, Chad Cooke) have finalized the rules and registration form for the 2015 Team of the Year program. We need at a minimum 10 teams from each state to register for the program to continue in the state. Please reach out to your friends and have them sign up. The entry form and rules are attached. If you need a different copy email for it. Have any questions please feel free to leave them here or contact one of the committee members.

2015 Team of the Year Signup Form

2015 Team of the Year Rules

President’s Corner – March 15′

On March 15th, we had a very productive board meeting and were able to get through a lot of items for the year including assigning board members to lead some of the major events / projects the GLBBQA is involved in. Below is the list of events and if you would like to be on that committee and can volunteer please make a note hear or send an email to

Team of the Year Rich Parker/Tim Schopp
Spring Fling Cook Bruce Bissionette/Scott Fischer
Beak to Beak Mark Rasmussen/Tim Schopp
Holiday/Awards Banquet Mark Rasmussen
180 Bounty Program Bruce Bissionette
Annual Meeting Scott Fischer
BBQ Class Bruce Bissionette
Website Rich Parker/Mark Rasmussen

The Team of the Year (ToY) program is changing it up. Instead of having one regional program, we are going to have individual state programs with an overall winner and then award a regional winner on top of that. We will be counting the teams top 4 scores. To be involved we have to a volunteer from your state collect the data and we need at least 10 teams to sign up. Registration form is coming soon. We currently have the following volunteers; Paul Grant – Ohio, Ryan Horace – Indiana, Chad Cooke – Wisconsin, and Josh Hance – MI. We do not have a volunteer from Illinois so unless we hear from someone by tomorrow they will be excluded. Each of these volunteers will be a part of the ToY committee so if you have any questions please ask one of them or the board leadership myself (Rich Parker) or Timothy Schopp.

Last weekend 3/27 – 3/28, we held the BBQ 101 class. This class sold out in a week which really shows the need of a good entry level competition class in the region. Special thanks to Mike & Denise Robinson for bringing their trailer and allowing us other instructors to use it. I would also like to thank Scottie Johnson for letting us use his mirror and also for donating a seat to another student.

A lot of regions are at a crossroads right now in competition bbq as they have the same teams week in and week out that are in the top of every competition standings. Even though these teams have earned that spot it hurts the growth of competition bbq in that region because other teams will stop attending. This BBQ 101 class was to raise the level of competition in our region to help these teams raise up in the ranks and start challenging these other teams for those top spots. I think this class was a huge success and be on the look out for these teams to come out fighting and getting a lot of calls, walk, and hardware!

We are required to password protect our meeting minutes because of our IRS classification.
Please read the full minutes here and if you don’t have a password email for it.

2015 GLBBQA Spring Fling

This years Spring Fling is scheduled for May 29/30 at Springfield Oaks County Park located at 12451 Andersonville Rd. Davisburg, MI This park is a nicer facility than we had last year; sites are about the same size, their are indoor bathroom facilities and indoor showers facility for a mere $0.25 cents for a hot shower.

The prize pool has not been established yet as we are still lining up sponsors, but we see no reason why it would not match or come very close to what we had last year.

This years entry fee is $75.00 for GLBBQA members and $110.00 for non-members (this fee includes a 1 year membership to the GLBBQA. Both fees include your $20 camp site fee. Their is no requirement to have a park pass to enter the park

There are two hotels nearby if anyone needs one: the Holiday Inn Express in Fenton, MI (13 miles from park) and the Comfort Inn in Grand Blanc (18 miles from park)

I have attached pdf files for the Spring Fling: 2015 Spring Fling Team App Spring Fling Judges App

If you decide to pay your entry fee through PayPal, I will still need you to print off an application, fill it out and mail it to me so that your team is properly registered.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here, or email me at or at

As in the past, if we do not have 10 teams registered by May 1, 2015 we will have to cancel the vent. There was a $300 pavilion rental fee and any cancellation/refund must be 30 days in advance.

For more information check out the discussion on the forum. 2015 Spring Fling Discussion


THIS Class has SOLD OUT!!!  We want to thank all who have registered and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Competition BBQ 101


We have asked the best of the best to help us present this class. The 4 instructors are all in the Top 10 of the GLBBQA TOY Point Race. This will be a 4 meat class; each instructor will walk you through every step of their process from selection at the store to how to present it in a turn in box.

Here is our lineup:

Chicken – Matt Janose  Big Brothers BBQ : 7th Place Chicken 2014 GLBBQA TOY

Ribs – Mark Rasmussen – 3rd Place Ribs GLBBQA TOY

Pork – Mike Robinson –  Smokin in the D:  11th Place Pork GLBBQA TOY

Brisket– Rich Parker –  1st Place Brisket GLBBQA TOY


Class will be held  –                     Four Point Sheraton Kalamazoo

3600 East Cork Street Court.

Kalamazoo, MI 49001

 Date –                                                 March 28th

Time –                                                8:00am – 4:00pm.

GLBBQA Member: $100.00 (Spouse $50.00)

Non-Member : $125.00 (Spouse $75.00)

Cost includes breakfast and lunch will consist of the food cooked onsite

Application can be found here: GLBBQA Class_2015

A block of rooms have been reserved for those students wishing to arrive Friday March 27th. A discounted rate of $99.00 + Tax is available. To reserve a room
call (866) 961-3003 and use the discount code “GLBBQA CLASS” or “Great Lakes BBQ Association” The cut-off date for reserving a discounted room is February 27th.


Effective today, Wednesday January 14, 2015 the GLBBQA will begin receiving funds for the next 180 BOUNTY PROGRAM. It will be known as “180 BOUNTY PROGRAM III”

Here’s is a link to the 180 program registration form. Please print this form out and send it with your check if not using PayPal. If using PayPal, please indicate on PayPal that your $50 is for the 180 Bounty Program. Once
received from PayPal, I will then fill out a 180 Registration form for your team.

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2014 GLBBQA BOD Nominations

The Nomination Period for 1 position is now open and will remain open until December17th,2014. To be eligible you must be a member in good standing and you must be able to commit the required amount of time to attend meetings and work on assigned projects.

You can self-nominate or you can nominate someone who you think will make a good addition to the Board.

To nominate a person please send an email to (this goes to every member of the BOD).

180 Bounty Program II

Effective Monday June 30, 2014 the GLBBQA will begin receiving funds for the next 180 BOUNTY PROGRAM. It will be known as “180 BOUNTY PROGRAM II”Here’s is a link to the 180 program registration form. Please print this form out and send it with your check if not using PayPal. If using PayPal, please indicate on PayPal that your $50 is for the 180 Bounty Program. Once
received from PayPal, I will then fill out a 180 Registration form for your team.

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2014 GLBBQA Team of the Year Program Sponsored by Southern Q Smokers

Attached are the rules for the 2014 GLBBQA Team of the Year Program. We would like to thank Southern Q for coming aboard as our Title Sponsor for the TOY program, we would also like to thank the following sponsors for the individual meat categories:

Chicken:  Silver Lake Apple and BBQ Festival

Ribs: Redwood Grill

Pork: Coopersville Heating and Cooling

Brisket: Michigan Dog Guard



Red,White and Blues Festival and BBQ Competition – Highland Michigan

The Highland Historical Preservations Society is pleased to announce the Red,White and Blues Festival and BBQ Contest.

This is a one day 2 meat contest on June 28th in Highland Michigan.

All of the info and entry form can be found here: Red White Blues entry form

2014 GLBBQA Spring Fling Sponsored by Lockharts BBQ

Sponsored by Lockhart’s BBQ , Michigan Dog Guard &

This bbq event is going to be held on May 16-17 at the Groveland Oaks County Park located at:
14555 Dixie Highway, Holly, Mi. 48442.
We have reserved an area in the campground for competitors that are
approximately 50′x50′ and come with electricity and water hookups.
Entry Fee:
$50.00 for GLBBQA Members (includes campsite fee)
$85.00 for Non-Members
(will include 1 yr. membership &
campsite fee)

Payment can be made via PayPal by sending payment to
OR via Check payable to Great Lakes Barbecue Association and mailed to:

8893 Hahn St, Utica, Mi. 48317

This contest is a great opportunity for the backyard bbq enthusiast or those wanting to try their hand in a competition
style setting without paying a big entry fee.
Everyone of every level is welcomed and encouraged to attend.

CBJ’s will be on hand for judging.

Cook Team Apps: Spring Fling Cook

Judges App: Spring Fling Judges

NOTE, We MUST have a minimum of 10 teams paid by April 30 so
please do not wait to get your entry in.

For more info on the 300 acre park visit:

Updated Info – Check in Procedure: Read the rest of this article »

Upcoming Events
  • Events are coming soon, stay tuned!