2016 GLBBQA Team of the Year Program


Each state needs a minimum of 10 teams signed up before 5/31/2016 or we will have to cancel the Team of the Program for that state. Currently, Michigan is the only state with over 10 teams. We need teams from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin to sign up.

The competition season will be starting up in the next few weeks so it is a perfect time to kick off the Team of the Year program!

The board of directors have made a couple of small changes to the program this year:

  • Instead of teams declaring which states they will be competing in for the ToY, each team after signing up will be automatically entered in to their home state based on residency. Example: Team resides in Indianapolis, IN, so they will only be able to go after the Indiana ToY home state.
  • Last year the regional winner was decided on the top scoring team with the highest score from their home state. This year teams can compete in the whole GLBBQA region and get their top 4 to be used as the regional winner. Example: Wisconsin team wins a contest in WI, 2 contests in IL, and a contest in MI so their total score towards the regional winner would be 80 points.

The point system will remain the same so at each KCBS sanctioned event in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin teams will get up to 20 points. GC = 20pts, RGC = 19pts, 3rd = 18pts, and 20th = 1pt.

Registration Information:

Send email to with the name, address, and team name. Your name and address need to match your registration information.

2016 Spring Fling & Rib Burn

We have scheduled this years Spring Fling & Rib Burn for April 16th at WayPoint Community Church in Zeeland, MI. The team entry fee is $50 and we’ll start at 10:00 AM and turn in at 5:00 PM. We are having a lunch time potluck starting at 1pm. Please see attached flier for all the details.

RIB BURN-page-001

We are at 19 teams and only have room for one more team!

2nd Annual Competition BBQ 101 Class

Competition BBQ 101



If you would like to get on the waiting list submit the registration form found below but do not send the registration fee.


Our 2nd Annual Competition BBQ 101 Class is scheduled for April 9, 2016 at the Four Points Sheraton-Kalamazoo located at 3600 E. Cork St. Ct., Kalamazoo, MI 49001

Cost for the class is $150.00 for GLBBQA Members and $185.00 for non-members, however, a 1 year membership is included in the $185.00 cost. Spouses can be added for an additional $75.  Also included in the cost is a full, free breakfast. Soda and water will be provided. No outside beverages are allowed in the classroom area. The class begins at 7am and will run until 5pm.

The Four Points Sheraton-Kalamazoo is offering a discounted room rate of $99.00 per night + tax for those wishing to arrive on Friday night and or stay over Saturday night. Friday night is a great time to socialize!

The four competition meat categories, chicken, ribs, pork and brisket will be covered during the class. Topics ranging from selection, trimming, injecting, rubbing, cooking, foil or no foil, to presentation will be covered. KCBS rules will also discussed.

Instructors for this class are being finalized and will be announced later next week. I have attached a Student Registration Form, please complete this form and submit it to me along with your payment. CLASS SIZE WILL BE LIMITED TO 40 STUDENTS!

When making reservations for the hotel; call (866) 961-3003 and tell them you are with the Great Lakes BBQ Association group to get the discounted rate.

Application can be found here:

2016 Comp 101 Class Registration

Class will be held  –

Four Point Sheraton Kalamazoo

3600 East Cork Street Court.

Kalamazoo, MI 49001



GLBBQA Annual Meeting: Firekeepers Casino

The BOD would like to announce that the Annual Meeting will be held on February 27, 2016 at the Firekeepers Casino-Hotel in Battle Creek. We are still working on the agenda but wanted to let members know so they can mark your calendar and make any room reservations should you wish. The meeting room is reserved from 9am until 1pm.

Firekeepers has a block of 10 King rooms reserved with a discounted price from $259.00 per night down to $169.00 per night. Members can phone the Casino at 877-352-8777 or book on-line. YOU MUST USE CODE: 22616GLBBQ.
Firekeepers also informed us that their sister hotel, the Quality Inn located next door to the casino has rooms with lower rates and includes the morning breakfast. There are also a Comfort Inn and (2) Hampton Inn’s within 5 miles of the Casino that you can book rooms on line.

Again, we are in the preliminary stages of the actual organization of the meeting and as more info becomes available it will be posted.

GLBBQA Board of Directors Nominations

The Nomination Period for 3 positions is now open and will remain open until December 15th,2015. To be eligible you must be a member in good standing and you must be able to commit the required amount of time to attend meetings and work on assigned projects.

The 3 Board members whose terms are expiring are Scott Fischer, Mark Rasmussen and Bruce Bissonnette.

You can self-nominate or you can nominate someone who you think will make a good addition to the Board.

To nominate a person please send an email to

Beak to Beak 2015


You must have a paid entry in to the Marshall County Blazin’ BBQ & Bluegrass in Plymouth, IN. in order to participate in the Beak-2-Beak Invitational.

• Contest meat must be inspected by a GLBBQA appointed inspector before any preparation may begin onsite. You may trim before arriving but nothing else. Meat inspections will be done by a Beak to Beak Committee Member on Friday after 9am. Regular KCBS rules apply.

• Event is by invitation only; there will be no passing down of entries. You must have won the chicken category at one of the qualifying Beak 2 Beak Events in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, or Ohio between April 1, 2015 and September 13, 2015 or until the 2015 Marshall County BBQ Contest is full; whichever comes first. OR be a winner of one of the qualifying events that occurred in 2014 after the cut off date of August 8, 2014.  That list will be posted.  The 2014 Beak 2 Beak Champion will also qualify for an entry into the 2015 contest.

A winner of a qualifying event AFTER August 8, 2014 will carry over to the 2015 Beak 2 Beak contest.

• If your team qualifies, the Head Cook that was registered at your qualifying event must be in attendance at the Beak-2-Beak Invitational. If he/she is not in attendance, your team will be disqualified.

• The same meat storage/handling rules apply, that are in place at any other sanctioning body (e.g. KCBS).

• Gas is strictly prohibited and fires must be of wood, coal, or pellet.

• Turn in will be at 6:00pm, Friday September 18, 2015, at the Marshall County Blazin BBQ Contest at a location to be announced at the cooks meeting.

• The minimum of 8 individual pieces of white and dark meat chicken will be responsible for counting as a legal entry turn in.

• Turn in containers will be standard size half pans with numbered fitted lids to be provided at the event.

• Garnish is forbidden as is marking or puddles of the sauce.

• Judging will be done by Certified BBQ Judges with preference given to individuals that have judged more competitions regardless of sanctioning body.

• Judging will be done with the scoring system of 1 to 10

Entries will be scored in the following categories and multiplies:
* Appearance .5
* Taste 2
* Tenderness 1

• High and low scoring judges scores will be thrown out and the remaining scores will be totaled to determine places.

• Ties to be broken using “Taste” points, if still tied then “Tenderness”, if needed “Appearance,” and if a tie remains, the highest chicken score at the last cooked qualifying event for each team will be used to break the tie.

The prize pool will include a championship belt/trophy. Additional prizes and distribution, will be listed as they come on line. A complete prize list will be published as soon as possible.

Congratulations again on your first place chicken in one or more contests this year. We are very excited to see such a competitive field for the 2014 Beak to Beak Invitational.

In addition to the rules and grand prize documents, below is some additional information. Any changes will be brought up at your cooks meeting.

Invitational will be held on Friday September 18, 2015 in Plymouth, IN Marshall County Blazin BBQ and Bluegrass -

All Cooks for this invitational must attend the 2pm MANDATORY cooks meeting at a location to be announced at a later date.

Turn in location to be announced at the mandatory cooks meeting.

President’s Corner – April 15′

President’s Corner – April 15′

We had a great productive board meeting last night. Timothy Schopp and Mark Rasmussen are finalizing the plans for the Beak to Beak 2015 event. I am sure they will be posting more about it and the location.

Bruce Bissonnette and Scott Fischer are working on the Spring Fling and need your entry form before the end of April. We need 10 teams to make it happen and currently sitting at 4.

Tim and I (Rich Parker) along with our ToY committee (Scottie Johnson, Ron Lewen, Paul Grant, Josh Hance, Ryan Horace, Chad Cooke) have finalized the rules and registration form for the 2015 Team of the Year program. We need at a minimum 10 teams from each state to register for the program to continue in the state. Please reach out to your friends and have them sign up. The entry form and rules are attached. If you need a different copy email for it. Have any questions please feel free to leave them here or contact one of the committee members.

2015 Team of the Year Signup Form

2015 Team of the Year Rules

President’s Corner – March 15′

On March 15th, we had a very productive board meeting and were able to get through a lot of items for the year including assigning board members to lead some of the major events / projects the GLBBQA is involved in. Below is the list of events and if you would like to be on that committee and can volunteer please make a note hear or send an email to

Team of the Year Rich Parker/Tim Schopp
Spring Fling Cook Bruce Bissionette/Scott Fischer
Beak to Beak Mark Rasmussen/Tim Schopp
Holiday/Awards Banquet Mark Rasmussen
180 Bounty Program Bruce Bissionette
Annual Meeting Scott Fischer
BBQ Class Bruce Bissionette
Website Rich Parker/Mark Rasmussen

The Team of the Year (ToY) program is changing it up. Instead of having one regional program, we are going to have individual state programs with an overall winner and then award a regional winner on top of that. We will be counting the teams top 4 scores. To be involved we have to a volunteer from your state collect the data and we need at least 10 teams to sign up. Registration form is coming soon. We currently have the following volunteers; Paul Grant – Ohio, Ryan Horace – Indiana, Chad Cooke – Wisconsin, and Josh Hance – MI. We do not have a volunteer from Illinois so unless we hear from someone by tomorrow they will be excluded. Each of these volunteers will be a part of the ToY committee so if you have any questions please ask one of them or the board leadership myself (Rich Parker) or Timothy Schopp.

Last weekend 3/27 – 3/28, we held the BBQ 101 class. This class sold out in a week which really shows the need of a good entry level competition class in the region. Special thanks to Mike & Denise Robinson for bringing their trailer and allowing us other instructors to use it. I would also like to thank Scottie Johnson for letting us use his mirror and also for donating a seat to another student.

A lot of regions are at a crossroads right now in competition bbq as they have the same teams week in and week out that are in the top of every competition standings. Even though these teams have earned that spot it hurts the growth of competition bbq in that region because other teams will stop attending. This BBQ 101 class was to raise the level of competition in our region to help these teams raise up in the ranks and start challenging these other teams for those top spots. I think this class was a huge success and be on the look out for these teams to come out fighting and getting a lot of calls, walk, and hardware!

We are required to password protect our meeting minutes because of our IRS classification.
Please read the full minutes here and if you don’t have a password email for it.

2015 GLBBQA Spring Fling

This years Spring Fling is scheduled for May 29/30 at Springfield Oaks County Park located at 12451 Andersonville Rd. Davisburg, MI This park is a nicer facility than we had last year; sites are about the same size, their are indoor bathroom facilities and indoor showers facility for a mere $0.25 cents for a hot shower.

The prize pool has not been established yet as we are still lining up sponsors, but we see no reason why it would not match or come very close to what we had last year.

This years entry fee is $75.00 for GLBBQA members and $110.00 for non-members (this fee includes a 1 year membership to the GLBBQA. Both fees include your $20 camp site fee. Their is no requirement to have a park pass to enter the park

There are two hotels nearby if anyone needs one: the Holiday Inn Express in Fenton, MI (13 miles from park) and the Comfort Inn in Grand Blanc (18 miles from park)

I have attached pdf files for the Spring Fling: 2015 Spring Fling Team App Spring Fling Judges App

If you decide to pay your entry fee through PayPal, I will still need you to print off an application, fill it out and mail it to me so that your team is properly registered.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here, or email me at or at

As in the past, if we do not have 10 teams registered by May 1, 2015 we will have to cancel the vent. There was a $300 pavilion rental fee and any cancellation/refund must be 30 days in advance.

For more information check out the discussion on the forum. 2015 Spring Fling Discussion


THIS Class has SOLD OUT!!!  We want to thank all who have registered and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Competition BBQ 101


We have asked the best of the best to help us present this class. The 4 instructors are all in the Top 10 of the GLBBQA TOY Point Race. This will be a 4 meat class; each instructor will walk you through every step of their process from selection at the store to how to present it in a turn in box.

Here is our lineup:

Chicken – Matt Janose  Big Brothers BBQ : 7th Place Chicken 2014 GLBBQA TOY

Ribs – Mark Rasmussen – 3rd Place Ribs GLBBQA TOY

Pork – Mike Robinson –  Smokin in the D:  11th Place Pork GLBBQA TOY

Brisket– Rich Parker –  1st Place Brisket GLBBQA TOY


Class will be held  –                     Four Point Sheraton Kalamazoo

3600 East Cork Street Court.

Kalamazoo, MI 49001

 Date –                                                 March 28th

Time –                                                8:00am – 4:00pm.

GLBBQA Member: $100.00 (Spouse $50.00)

Non-Member : $125.00 (Spouse $75.00)

Cost includes breakfast and lunch will consist of the food cooked onsite

Application can be found here: GLBBQA Class_2015

A block of rooms have been reserved for those students wishing to arrive Friday March 27th. A discounted rate of $99.00 + Tax is available. To reserve a room
call (866) 961-3003 and use the discount code “GLBBQA CLASS” or “Great Lakes BBQ Association” The cut-off date for reserving a discounted room is February 27th.

Upcoming Events
  • Events are coming soon, stay tuned!