180 Bounty Program II

Effective Monday June 30, 2014 the GLBBQA will begin receiving funds for the next 180 BOUNTY PROGRAM. It will be known as “180 BOUNTY PROGRAM II”Here’s is a link to the 180 program registration form. Please print this form out and send it with your check if not using PayPal. If using PayPal, please indicate on PayPal that your $50 is for the 180 Bounty Program. Once
received from PayPal, I will then fill out a 180 Registration form for your team.

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2014 GLBBQA Team of the Year Program Sponsored by Southern Q Smokers

Attached are the rules for the 2014 GLBBQA Team of the Year Program. We would like to thank Southern Q for coming aboard as our Title Sponsor for the TOY program, we would also like to thank the following sponsors for the individual meat categories:

Chicken:  Silver Lake Apple and BBQ Festival

Ribs: Redwood Grill

Pork: Coopersville Heating and Cooling

Brisket: Michigan Dog Guard



Red,White and Blues Festival and BBQ Competition – Highland Michigan

The Highland Historical Preservations Society is pleased to announce the Red,White and Blues Festival and BBQ Contest.

This is a one day 2 meat contest on June 28th in Highland Michigan.

All of the info and entry form can be found here: Red White Blues entry form

2014 GLBBQA Spring Fling Sponsored by Lockharts BBQ

Sponsored by Lockhart’s BBQ , Michigan Dog Guard &

This bbq event is going to be held on May 16-17 at the Groveland Oaks County Park located at:
14555 Dixie Highway, Holly, Mi. 48442.
We have reserved an area in the campground for competitors that are
approximately 50′x50′ and come with electricity and water hookups.
Entry Fee:
$50.00 for GLBBQA Members (includes campsite fee)
$85.00 for Non-Members
(will include 1 yr. membership &
campsite fee)

Payment can be made via PayPal by sending payment to
OR via Check payable to Great Lakes Barbecue Association and mailed to:

8893 Hahn St, Utica, Mi. 48317

This contest is a great opportunity for the backyard bbq enthusiast or those wanting to try their hand in a competition
style setting without paying a big entry fee.
Everyone of every level is welcomed and encouraged to attend.

CBJ’s will be on hand for judging.

Cook Team Apps: Spring Fling Cook

Judges App: Spring Fling Judges

NOTE, We MUST have a minimum of 10 teams paid by April 30 so
please do not wait to get your entry in.

For more info on the 300 acre park visit:

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2014 GLBBQA Election Results

After a GREAT 47% participation rate from our membership, we are very pleased to announce that Timothy Schopp is the newest member of the GLBBQA Board of Directors.

We would like to thank Troy Conner for his service on the Board of Directors and hope he continues to be engaged with the activities of the GLBBQA.

We would also like to thank Steve Coddington and Bill Gailey for accepting their nominations to run for the BOD.

Welcome aboard Tim, we look forward to working with you!!

2014 GLBBQA TOY Contests

After the official contest draw today at the annual meeting, here are the contests that will count for ToY points:Indiana
June 13 – Jeffersonville – Smoke on the Water
June 27 – Franklin – Smoke on the Square
August 30 – Connorsville – Thunder in the Park
Sept 12  – St Leon – St Leon BBQ Smoke Fest and Chili Cook Off

June 20 – Quincy – Knights of Columbus
June 26th – Effingham – Legacy State BBQ Championship BBQ Cookoff
July 11 – St. Charles – Firin’ up the Fox
August 22 – Lincoln – Up in Smoke

June 6th – Montello – Poor Que
July 11 – Green Bay – Gold Ribbon BBQ Festival
August 22 – Washington Island – Death’s Door
August 22 – Kenosha – Grill Games

May 16 – West Chester – Buckeye State Championship
Sep 26 – Xenia – Ohio Veterans Battle of the BBQ
Oct 10 – Cincinnati – River Grill BBQ
Oct 17 – Nelsonville – Ohio Smoked Meat Festival

July 18 – Harris MI – UP Hog Wild
July 26 – Grand Rapids – Taste of Grand Rapids
August 8 – Newaygo – Dam Good BBQ
Sept 12 – Mears – Silver Lake Apple & BBQ Festival

July 11 – Madelia – Madelia Blazin BBQ
August 8 – Rochester – Med City BBQ
August 22 – Albert Lea – Big Island BBQ
Sep 12 – Worthington – King Turkey Day Smokin Gobbler Cookoff

GLBBQA BOD Nominations

The GLBBQA is pleased to announce that all the nominees have been confirmed and contacted.

Here are your 2014 nominees for the one open position on the BOD:

Steve Coddington
Bill Gailey
Tim Schopp

Thank you for volunteering your time.

Let the campaigning begin!!

Voting will be held Late Feb/Early Mar…

GLBBQA Board of Directors Nominations

The Nomination Period for 1 position on the BOD is now open and will remain open until December 15th,2013. To be eligible you must be a member in good standing and you must be able to commit the required amount of time to attend meetings and work on assigned projects.

You can self-nominate or you can nominate someone who you think will make a good addition to the Board.

To nominate a person please send an email to

GLBBQA Beak 2 Beak Invitational Rules and Prize List

The rules and prize list for the 2013 Beak 2 Beak Invitational are available here:

2013 B2B Rules 2013 B2B GrandPrize

Please be advised to check over the rules very carefully. If you have any questions please send us an email at

Here is a list of all of the teams (and the contest they qualified at) that have qualified so far for the 2013 B2B:

Current list of eligible contestants in to the 2013 Beak to Beak Invitational

2012 Beak to Beak Invitational – Rubbed Smoked & Sauced BBQ

Silver Lake Apple BBQ Festival 2012 – Big Brothers BBQ

2013 Events:

1st Annual Parkinson’s Smoke Out – THUNDER HOG BBQ

Wabash Ribber Fest Barbecue Championship – THE FLYING BURRITOS

The Masters in May – TIPPYCANOE BBQ CREW

Smokin’ on the Water – BIG JT’S SMOKIN BBQ

Randolph County Pig Party – THE FLYING BURRITOS

Westmont Red, White & BBQ – MCFRANKENBOO BBQ

Poor Que – QUAU

Smokin’ on the River – YELLOW RIVER BBQ

Pig in the Park – BREW-B-Q

Knights of Columbus*-4 SMOKIN’ BUTTS

Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour – GILLY’S BBQ

5th Annual Auburn Hills Barbecue Cook-off – SMOKIN’ ACES CRAPSHOOT BBQ

Legacy BBQ Championship – DEAD PIGS TELL NO TALES

Super City Blues & Ques – RURAL ROUTE BBQ

Smoke on the Square: In Memory of David Harness – PIG PAK

Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour – QUAU

Grillin’ in Grafton – QU SMOKIN KREWE

Firin’ Up the Fox BBQ Contest*- BBQ SAUCE WORKS – CHURCH

Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour – MA & PA’S KETTLE

GLBBQA 180 Bounty Program

The GLBBQA is pleased to announce our 180 Bounty Program continues, make sure you are entered for a chance to win a pile of cash!!!

Here is how it works.
Goal:  A cash bonanza for the first GLBBQA member to receive a score

of 180 in one of the four major meat categories at any KCBS

sanctioned event in the Great Lakes area.


Eligibility: Any member in good standing of the GLBBQA.

Members must buy in for $50 prior to the 180.

Member must be in good standing at the time of the 180.


Glbbqa Area:

New York                         Illinois

Pennsylvania                 Wisconsin

Ohio                                   Minnesota

Indiana                             Michigan


Rules: Buy in any time prior to the start of the contest in which

the 180 is scored.  Be in good standing at the time of the 180

Once “in” you will remain “in” as long as dues are current.

Should your membership laps at some point simply rejoin

and as soon as your dues are paid you will again be eligible.

GLBBQA will match  entry fees up to $500.

Sign up form is attached and you can utilize Paypal from our main page of the website.

Please indicate that you are making payment for the 180 Bounty Program.


Upcoming Events
  • Events are coming soon, stay tuned!

May 16th-17th GLBBQA Spring Fling  – Holly MI