GLBBQA Beak 2 Beak Invitational Rules and Prize List

The rules and prize list for the 2013 Beak 2 Beak Invitational are available here:

2013 B2B Rules 2013 B2B GrandPrize

Please be advised to check over the rules very carefully. If you have any questions please send us an email at

Here is a list of all of the teams (and the contest they qualified at) that have qualified so far for the 2013 B2B:

Current list of eligible contestants in to the 2013 Beak to Beak Invitational

2012 Beak to Beak Invitational – Rubbed Smoked & Sauced BBQ

Silver Lake Apple BBQ Festival 2012 – Big Brothers BBQ

2013 Events:

1st Annual Parkinson’s Smoke Out – THUNDER HOG BBQ

Wabash Ribber Fest Barbecue Championship – THE FLYING BURRITOS

The Masters in May – TIPPYCANOE BBQ CREW

Smokin’ on the Water – BIG JT’S SMOKIN BBQ

Randolph County Pig Party – THE FLYING BURRITOS

Westmont Red, White & BBQ – MCFRANKENBOO BBQ

Poor Que – QUAU

Smokin’ on the River – YELLOW RIVER BBQ

Pig in the Park – BREW-B-Q

Knights of Columbus*-4 SMOKIN’ BUTTS

Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour – GILLY’S BBQ

5th Annual Auburn Hills Barbecue Cook-off – SMOKIN’ ACES CRAPSHOOT BBQ

Legacy BBQ Championship – DEAD PIGS TELL NO TALES

Super City Blues & Ques – RURAL ROUTE BBQ

Smoke on the Square: In Memory of David Harness – PIG PAK

Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour – QUAU

Grillin’ in Grafton – QU SMOKIN KREWE

Firin’ Up the Fox BBQ Contest*- BBQ SAUCE WORKS – CHURCH

Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour – MA & PA’S KETTLE

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