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KCBS Rules Committee The KCBS Rules Committee has asked for our input on the rules changes that they are reviewing. This is only for proposed changes that are presented by the committee.

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Old 12-27-2012, 07:25 PM
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Originally Posted by michiana mark View Post
I'm not sure, but I would guess that when the KCBS had their first set of rules, it said "wood fired", or something like that. Why is it that every activity has to be taken to the "nth" degree? Why can't it be simple? Wood fired!!!!!!! Then they let in the charcoal users, then the electric pellet cookers, then Gurus, and now they might as well let in the gas and electric cookers also. It seems that anything in America, has got to have an all inclusive aspect to it. Might as well have a champion crowned in every type of cooker that is on the field.

Stickburner GC, RGC

Charcoal fired GC, RGC

Pellet Cooker GC, RGC


Electric GC, RGC

or whatever your cooking on GC, RGC

and eventually a GC, RGC

Myself personally, I think that it should be wood and wood only. And I cook on a drum, with a guru, when we compete. I loved my stickburners. Wished I never had sold my Gator Pit, and kick myself that I didn't buy it back when I had the chance.

Garnish, KCBS, will never change that rule, I believe, because that is what sets them apart from different sanctioning bodies.

My .02
I have never seen that as all inclusive just as keeping up with technology but it is an interesting view.

Originally Posted by BruceB View Post
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