2018 Beak2Beak



You must have a paid entry in to the Smoke & Ale Fall Festival in Chelsea, MI in order to participate in the Beak-2-Beak Invitational.
• Event is by invitation only; there will be no passing down of entries. You must have won the chicken category at one of the qualifying Beak 2 Beak Events in Michigan from September 9th 2017 thru September 22nd 2018 OR placed 1st thru 5th place in the chicken category at a Michigan KCBS event. The 2017 Beak-2-Beak Champion will also qualify for an entry into the 2018 contest.

  • If your team qualifies, the Head Cook that was registered at your qualifying event must be in attendance at the Beak to Beak Invitational. If he/she is not in attendance, your team will be disqualified.
  • All Cooks for this invitational must attend the 2pm MANDATORY cooks meeting at the KCBS Judging Tent.
  • Turn in location is at the KCBS Judging Tent.
  • Contest meat must be inspected by a GLBBQA appointed inspector before any preparation may begin onsite. You may trim before arriving but nothing else. Meat inspections will be done by a Beak to Beak Committee Member on Friday after 9am. Regular KCBS rules apply.
  • Same storage/handling rules apply that any other sanctioning body (e.g. KCBS).
  • Gas is strictly prohibited and fires must be of wood, coal, or pellet.
  • Turn in will be at 5:55pm, Friday September 8, 2017, at the Smoke & Ale Fall Festival at a location to be announced at the Beak-2-Beak cooks meeting.
  • The type of chicken is COOKS CHOICE but must turn in a minimum of 8 portions.
  • Turn in containers will be standard size half pans with numbered fitted lids to be provided at the event.
  • Garnish is forbidden as is marking or puddles of the sauce.
  • Judging will be done by Certified BBQ Judges with preference given to individuals that have judged more competitions regardless of sanctioning body.
  • Judging will be done with the scoring system of 1 to 10
    o Entries will be scored in the following categories and multiplies:
    § Appearance .5
    § Taste 2
    § Tenderness 1
  • High and low scoring judges scores will be thrown out and the remaining scores will be totaled to determine places.
  • Ties to be broken using “Taste” points, if still tied then “Tenderness”, if needed “appearance,” and if a tie remains the highest chicken score at the last cooked qualifying event for each team will be used to break the tie.
  • The prize pool will include a championship belt/trophy and $500 and entry into the 2019 Beak-2-Beak Invitational.

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