President’s Corner – April 15′

President’s Corner – April 15′

We had a great productive board meeting last night. Timothy Schopp and Mark Rasmussen are finalizing the plans for the Beak to Beak 2015 event. I am sure they will be posting more about it and the location.

Bruce Bissonnette and Scott Fischer are working on the Spring Fling and need your entry form before the end of April. We need 10 teams to make it happen and currently sitting at 4.

Tim and I (Rich Parker) along with our ToY committee (Scottie Johnson, Ron Lewen, Paul Grant, Josh Hance, Ryan Horace, Chad Cooke) have finalized the rules and registration form for the 2015 Team of the Year program. We need at a minimum 10 teams from each state to register for the program to continue in the state. Please reach out to your friends and have them sign up. The entry form and rules are attached. If you need a different copy email for it. Have any questions please feel free to leave them here or contact one of the committee members.

2015 Team of the Year Signup Form

2015 Team of the Year Rules

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