President’s Corner – March 15′

On March 15th, we had a very productive board meeting and were able to get through a lot of items for the year including assigning board members to lead some of the major events / projects the GLBBQA is involved in. Below is the list of events and if you would like to be on that committee and can volunteer please make a note hear or send an email to

Team of the Year Rich Parker/Tim Schopp
Spring Fling Cook Bruce Bissionette/Scott Fischer
Beak to Beak Mark Rasmussen/Tim Schopp
Holiday/Awards Banquet Mark Rasmussen
180 Bounty Program Bruce Bissionette
Annual Meeting Scott Fischer
BBQ Class Bruce Bissionette
Website Rich Parker/Mark Rasmussen

The Team of the Year (ToY) program is changing it up. Instead of having one regional program, we are going to have individual state programs with an overall winner and then award a regional winner on top of that. We will be counting the teams top 4 scores. To be involved we have to a volunteer from your state collect the data and we need at least 10 teams to sign up. Registration form is coming soon. We currently have the following volunteers; Paul Grant – Ohio, Ryan Horace – Indiana, Chad Cooke – Wisconsin, and Josh Hance – MI. We do not have a volunteer from Illinois so unless we hear from someone by tomorrow they will be excluded. Each of these volunteers will be a part of the ToY committee so if you have any questions please ask one of them or the board leadership myself (Rich Parker) or Timothy Schopp.

Last weekend 3/27 – 3/28, we held the BBQ 101 class. This class sold out in a week which really shows the need of a good entry level competition class in the region. Special thanks to Mike & Denise Robinson for bringing their trailer and allowing us other instructors to use it. I would also like to thank Scottie Johnson for letting us use his mirror and also for donating a seat to another student.

A lot of regions are at a crossroads right now in competition bbq as they have the same teams week in and week out that are in the top of every competition standings. Even though these teams have earned that spot it hurts the growth of competition bbq in that region because other teams will stop attending. This BBQ 101 class was to raise the level of competition in our region to help these teams raise up in the ranks and start challenging these other teams for those top spots. I think this class was a huge success and be on the look out for these teams to come out fighting and getting a lot of calls, walk, and hardware!

We are required to password protect our meeting minutes because of our IRS classification.
Please read the full minutes here and if you don’t have a password email for it.

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