180 Bounty Program II

Effective Monday June 30, 2014 the GLBBQA will begin receiving funds for the next 180 BOUNTY PROGRAM. It will be known as “180 BOUNTY PROGRAM II”Here’s is a link to the 180 program registration form. Please print this form out and send it with your check if not using PayPal. If using PayPal, please indicate on PayPal that your $50 is for the 180 Bounty Program. Once
received from PayPal, I will then fill out a 180 Registration form for your team.


The following rules have been added for this year’s program, and will continue unless altered by the BOD.

1. The GLBBQA 180 BOUNTY PROGRAM” will be a continuous program, that is, once the Bounty “has been claimed” a new Bounty will begin and teams will have to register for the new Bounty. Once the $50 registration fee is received by the Treasurer, that team will be included. Monies must be “in hand” of the Treasurer either through PayPal, or check to be eligible for the Bounty. Once I have received your funds, your team name will be added to the Official List of teams to be maintained here on the forum.

2. Once again this time, the GLBBQA will put up to a maximum of a $500.00 cash prize match. This amount to be reviewed by the BOD prior to each successive Bounty.

3. Any 180.0000 score, in any of the 4 main meat categories at a KCBS sanctioned competition within the GLBBQA service area, by any GLBBQA member in good standing, will claim the Bounty.

4. In the event of duplicate 180.0000 scores at separate contests on the same date by GLBBQA members, the following will apply

* All competition times will be considered Eastern Standard Time for purposes of determining a winner.

* 180.0000 scores obtained at different contests, but in the same meat category, will be considered a TIE and the BOUNTY will be split amongst the winners.

* 180.0000 scores obtained at different contests, but not in the same meat category, will be decided by which category was called first at awards. For example, a 180.0000 in Ribs will win out over a 180.0000 in Brisket, and a 180.0000 in Chicken wins out over a 180.0000 in Pork, etc.

* GLBBQA 180 BOUNTY PROGRAM rules are subject to change by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

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