GLBBQA 180 Bounty Program

The GLBBQA is pleased to announce our 180 Bounty Program continues, make sure you are entered for a chance to win a pile of cash!!!

Here is how it works.
Goal:  A cash bonanza for the first GLBBQA member to receive a score

of 180 in one of the four major meat categories at any KCBS

sanctioned event in the Great Lakes area.


Eligibility: Any member in good standing of the GLBBQA.

Members must buy in for $50 prior to the 180.

Member must be in good standing at the time of the 180.


Glbbqa Area:

New York                         Illinois

Pennsylvania                 Wisconsin

Ohio                                   Minnesota

Indiana                             Michigan


Rules: Buy in any time prior to the start of the contest in which

the 180 is scored.  Be in good standing at the time of the 180

Once “in” you will remain “in” as long as dues are current.

Should your membership laps at some point simply rejoin

and as soon as your dues are paid you will again be eligible.

GLBBQA will match  entry fees up to $500.

Sign up form is attached and you can utilize Paypal from our main page of the website.

Please indicate that you are making payment for the 180 Bounty Program.


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